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You can join this blog as a writer or you can ask us to reblog articles written by yourself or articles you find in other blogs and that fit in The gNewSense Blog. Please write to the gnewsense-users mailing list or leave a comment in this page telling us how you would like to contribute.

The only requirements are:


2 thoughts on “Join Us!

  1. I’ve just begun using gNewSense and would love to both blog about my experiences as a newbie to this distribution, and to help out with documentation.

    I retired after 25 years as an IT professional, 15 of those years as a Unix sysadmin and utility programmer. I’ve switched careers to journalism, and I’m pursuing a degree in that field. I refer to myself, since I’m 63 years old, as the “World’s Oldest Journalism Undergraduate.”

    I’ve been blogging for over 10 years at I began using GNU/Linux in 1995, starting with either Slackware or SLS (I can’t remember which one I installed first, but I used both within my first year or so.) Since then I’ve used Debian and derivatives, Red Hat and derivatives, and a little bit of Suse.

    I wanted to use a distro that was both free software and uncluttered, and so far gNewsense seems to meet both those criteria.

    I don’t have an enormous amount of free time, but I want to steadily make contributions to the free software movement, so I’ll be reliable with specific committments I make.

    I can be reached at

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