Launching the Community Blogs

Today we are launching the first two blogs of a network of community blogs about gNewSense GNU/Linux. The first two blogs are The gNewSense Blog, which you are reading right now, and El Blog de gNewSense, in English and Spanish respectively. The community blogs are meant to spread the word about gNewSense to different cultures around the world and provide gNewSense users with news, how-tos, tips & tricks about gNewSense and the applications available for it.

If you visit The gNewSense Blog and El Blog de gNewSense, you will notice that both have similar names, use WordPress as a blogging platform and share the same theme and structure. This is to make it easier for the readers to notice that these blogs are part of the gNewSense community and share the same goals. Each blog is autonomous, though, and its maintainers can publish their own content or translate articles from other blogs in the network.

If you want to contribute to The gNewSense Blog or El Blog de gNewSense, check each blog for instructions on how to do so.

If you want to start a community blog in your language, just do it. The only requirements for a community blog are:

Once you publish the blog, announce it to the gnewsense-users mailing list, so that all other community blogs can link to yours.

Hopefully we will have community blogs in many languages soon.



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